Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Carnival at Whitefish, Montana: Today's Travel Photo

Whitefish, Montana is a little Western town with plenty of opportunities for big fun. As a gateway to Glacier National Park, and sitting at the base of Big Mountain, the town is a haven for travelers all year long.

While summer vacationers heading to Glacier pack Whitefish in warm weather, winter is all about fun in the snow.

February brings the annual Winter Carnival and with it off-beat attractions such as the Penguin Plunge into icy Whitefish Lake
and a Grand Parade down the center of town.

In addition, Black Star Beer holds its Beer Barter at the Great Northern Brewing Company, inviting the public to come up with wild and crazy items and ideas they'd be willing to trade for a year's worth of beer.

You can read more about the Whitefish Winter Carnival and the Black Star Beer Barter in my Spokesman-Review Home Planet column.


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